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The subtitling option available in legal software is designed for case management in a small-screen, personal-computing display environment. It works well for a lawyer.

But as your client’s advocate, couldn’t the subtitling option be the best way to win?

Professionally subtitled video increases comprehension and retention for everyone, without burdening them with the busyness and unfamiliarity of a legal software desktop display.

We know that comprehension of compelling testimony in video is enhanced when decision-makers are focused on both the spoken and written word.

Subtitling is a powerful tool in litigation video. But good subtitling requires goodtranscription. You can count on us to give you both.

We partner with industry leaders in subtitling. We understand the complicated balance between timing and appearance to produce the best subtitled video for you.

Call us right now and learn how subtitling can empower your practice of law.