Boston Court Reporters

Digital Conference Rooms

Why is a Digital Conference Room important to your practice?

When emails, spreadsheets, and word-processing files are evidence in your case, you need a large-scale digital presentation space to effectively display information created and exchanged electronically.

At Boston Court Reporters, we just don’t offer a conference room, but a digital toolbox to help you improve case management, control, and performance.

Our digital conference rooms make you a more effective advocate for your client. BCR provides a media-rich environment to integrate documents, audio/video, graphics, and testimony into a seamless display that is as easy to present as a click of the mouse.

Are you new to the power of digital media in the practice of law? We offer free-consultation and support, helping you choose the right products and services to give you a competitive edge.

Are you a seasoned digital litigator? You can trust that Boston Court Reporters values collaboration in our commitment to provide you the best digital environment to support your case from discovery to trial.

Our digital conference rooms also augment our state-of-the-art videoconferencingsystem.

Call us right now and learn how our digital conference room empowers your practice of law.