Boston Court Reporters


Boston Court Reporters is proud to be the first electronic court reporting firm in Massachusetts.

Unlike stenography, E-Reporting uses digital recording equipment to produce a direct, unfiltered, real-life, and verifiable record of what was said, who said it, and how it was said.

E-Reporting makes emotions, intonations, accents, and the speed and manner of delivery a compelling part of the record. Hesitations and pauses are valuable in determining the legitimacy of a deponent’s point of view.

In “play-back” rather than “read-back,” you hear the deponent in his own words—his tone and inflection, his loudness or quietness, his directness or evasiveness.

E-Reporting is an undeniably persuasive tool.

E-Reporting does not require “translation” from a machine stenographer’s notes. At the conclusion of the proceeding you can walk away with an audio copy of the deposition or receive a digital copy by email.

E-Reporting capitalizes on technology by its easy integration into trial preparation and trial presentation software, allowing you to fully integrate testimony into case management.

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