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According to its website, “Women in e-Discovery (WiE) is a pioneering organization that primarily provides educational opportunities regarding technology in the legal industry to its members.”

With over 5,000 members and more than 30 chapters worldwide, WiE members are “attorneys, litigation support professionals, paralegals, legal IT staff, court reporters, consultants, recruiters, and vendors.”

WiE’s mission is advocacy, “to serve as a platform for dialogue on gender gaps and social development and to advocate the viewpoints of professional women in the legal industry, especially on issues affecting the application of technology in their roles at work and at home.”

While it’s believed that the first words ever recorded on an Edison wax cylinder phonograph were spoken by the Wizard of Menlo Park himself, some think it was political writer Thomas Mason who forever immortalized, “Mary had a little lamb. Here fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.”

In 1927, Edison recited the rhyme for a recording commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the phonograph.

On that recording he takes credit for the recitation.

The original recording, made at a demonstration in St. Louis, Missouri in 1877, was accidentally destroyed in 1913. That recording included the nursery rhyme, the sounds of laughter, and a cornet solo.

Even as the first recording was a lighthearted demonstration, Edison the businessman looked at sound recording not as entertainment but as a way to make business more efficient, as this 1910 silent film advertisement from the Library of Congress collection shows.

A Pre-Nuptial Signing Video is a video recording of the prenuptial agreement reading and its subsequent signing by both the bride-to-be and the groom, so there are no questions as to the agreement’s terms.

Video recording of a pre-nuptial agreement signing demonstrates the fact that the signing is not under duress and no fraud is involved.

Want more information on how a Pre-Nuptial Signing Video can empower your practice of law? Give us a call.

An E-reporting deposition is recorded by a professional reporter trained in using software specifically designed for taking depositions. Boston Court Reporters provides you with an MP3 audio copy you can listen to and a “discovery video” you can review right at the end of the deposition.  

When was the last time you were able to review a certified deposition while commuting to work? E-reporting is a legal process that redefines the billable hour. It’s immediate, it’s convenient, and you can take it anywhere.

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According to the Law Blog of the Wall Street Journal, “Most U.S. bankruptcy courts, federal magistrate courts, and at least five states use only digital recording systems, while 18 other states are moving in that direction. Improving technology and squeezed state budgets have accelerated the trend.”


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